Welcome to Elliotts Wholesale Nursery

Situated 40kms north of Christchurch, Elliotts Wholesale Nursery has been operating since 1980.  Spread over 25 acres, this area houses multiple tunnel and shade houses, open ground planting and open space storage.

Hands-on owners Caroline and Jeff Elliott work tirelessly to keep the business up to date and efficient.  Jeff is an innovator, always ready to try new angles and options.  Caroline oversees customer relations and the grading and preparation of out going plants.  They employ 20 people at any given time.  These folk are a mix of experienced nursery folk and damn good hard workers, all very important roles.

Originally the nursery was set up to supply ornamental plants for the retail nursery sector.  But over time Jeff has branched out and experimented with different projects.  Olives and Feijoas were a large focus for a period of time and still remain popular here at Elliotts.  Rhododendrons have always been a passion of Jeff’s and he continues to propagate and grow thousands every year.  The main business for the nursery now remains supply to Retail Nurseries and the Landscaping sector.


Jeff and Caroline Elliott (Owners) at the Botanical Gardens in Dunshabe, Tajikistan.